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Weight Loss Program

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will I feel hungry while on HCG?
A: Most people who drink water and eat proper meals do not feel hungry while on HCG.

Q: If I take the HCG but do not follow the 500 calorie diet, will I lose weight?
A: No.

Q: Can I eat carbohydrates during the maintenance phase?
A: Carbohydrates can be added sparingly during the 4th week of the maintenance phase.

Q: Can I use HCG while breast feeding?
A: We do not recommend it during the first year of breast feeding.

Q: Does HCG make it easier for me to get pregnant?
A: No, a different HCG is used for fertility, and in much higher doses, along with several other hormones.

Q: What if I lose weight for a while and then stop losing?
A: If you plateau, then follow the "apple day" rule where you only eat 6 large apples.  If you are not losing on the scale, you may still be losing inches.  Stay on the diet and you will continue to see results.

Q: Can I participate in the HCG program if I take medications for high blood pressure or diabetes?
A: Absolutely. Very often medication dosages can be lowered or discontinued after losing weight. Talk to your doctor first, but you may be the ideal candidate for HCG.

Q: Can I exercise while I am on the HCG program?
A: Yes, but limit your exercise to mild aerobics, walking, or yoga. Strenuous exercise can cause lightheadedness and possible fainting.
Q: Can I take vitamin E, flaxseed oil, and Omega 3 while on HCG?
A: No. No additional fats are allowed during the HCG phase.
Q: Can I put cream or milk in my coffee during the HCG phase?
A: Only 1 tablespoon of skim milk is allowed in 24 hours.
Q: Can I have a massage during the HCG phase?
A: Yes, with mineral oil only.

Q: What topical products can I use on my skin?
A: You may only use Vaseline during HCG phase of the program. No lotions or creams are allowed as they will slow down the weight loss. The HCG will be breaking down oil from the lotion, rather than your abnormal fat.