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3D Body Scan - No Radiation - No Ultrasound

The 3D Body Scan can evaluate how your organs function on the cellular level.

The system creates a color code for the level of priority for possible issues and problems of your organs, and aims to identify the likelihood of diseases while there still are no symptoms. After the screening, the results may be confirmed by laboratory testing.

The 3D Body Scan can follow changes in your body, from monitoring cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer to hormonal and central nervous system problems to diabetes to liver and kidney malfunction.

This non-invasive and completely painless procedure can also be used to:

- Make calculations of fat mass, total water body (TWB) and lean mass

- Create guidance for diet and nutrition

- Evaluate the efficacy or adverse effects of treatment

In just 10 minutes:

- Evaluate how your organs work
- Identify allergies to food and supplements
- Personalized treatment and diet