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Optimized Wellness

We are pleased to announce our newest innovative technology: the Cell Wellbeing S-Drive and Optimized Wellness system from Germany.1


How It Works

The human body is created from trillions of cells. Each cell has its own genome represented by DNA and genes. The human genome is made of 25,000 genes and there are over 150,000 proteins. How does a cell differentiate and become a heart cell, skin cell, liver cell even with exact same DNA? Could it be Epigenetic influence?

Epigenetics is the study of how the environment, on a multitude of levels, influences all people; and how its impact directly relates to the physical, emotional and mental states of being. Up to 98% of gene expression is dictated by the epigenome. Humans are made up of vibrational energy and are under the constant influence of the epigenome through the environment, food and emotions.

A lot of us are living in a sub-optimal functional state and below our genetic and chronological potential. Nutritional intake, environmental impact, mental and emotional states play a major role in a gene expression.

We can influence people’s epigenomic environment in order to promote better wellness and daily performance.

Why Hair Follicles?

           – The hair is a non-living integumentary structure of the same ectodermal origin as the skin, the connective tissue and the nervous tissue that includes the brain, spine and nerves.

           – The hair follicle is in contact with the dermis and it has living cells such as melanocytes, keratinocytes and fibroblasts. All these cells contain DNA in their nucleus.

           – The hair follicle contains enzymes known as aromatases and 19- Hydroxylases that change male hormones into female hormones, so the hair plays a role in neuroendocrine regulation

           – The hair and its follicle stores information as vibrational energy and thus it is the ideal structure to be used as an informational bio-marker.

What is the S-Drive system?

The S-Drive is a quantum system which interacts with sinusoidal and scalar waves (vibrational energy) information through entanglement. It captures the signature wave information from the hair and follicle. The signature wave is a unique snapshot of the person’s quantum informational and epigenetic field in that instant. The information is decoded, encoded and converted to a digital format and sent to Germany for epigenetic mapping.

The Optimize Wellness Report

Optimize Wellness Reports are the visualization of relevant epigenetic information.


The report provides information on nutrients, foods and additives, environmental stresses, resistance and interference indicators, and vitamins and minerals. Needs at a cellular level may differ from those found in the blood.

At a quantum informational level, the Optimize Wellness report is about efficiency, about regaining balance and re-aligning ourselves with nature.

A 90 day Optimization Epigenetic plan is created based off the report, tailored to your individual needs for improved wellness.


1 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Cell Wellbeing’s S-Drive and Optimized Wellness system are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Cell Wellbeing’s S-Drive is compliant with US FDA guidance 1300013 (UCM429674). You should consult a qualified, licensed medical or wellness professional before beginning any diet or nutritional program.